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DMK mentions the 'live recorded' speeds being 'exit speeds' (i.e. top speeds at the end of each mile), while the speed record asks for average speed over a full mile.

When the radio announcer gives his recap (and unfortunately Denise's son is talking right over that part of the audio) the last thing he says is, " through the last mile at 183.932, with an exit speed of 183.416."

But soon after this, @6:50 in the video, you can clearly hear someone say, with concern,  "I think we broke the speed limit."

And her reply is, "Oh that's right, we weren't supposed to go more than 175."

So what are we supposed to make of that? Ooops! We nearly went 10 mph faster than we were supposed to. Silly us. I guess it just sort of happened on its own.

Now come on. WTF is going on here? This makes no sense.
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