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OK, I think it'll be great to keep this thread intact as a wonderful example of deep curiosity, cognitive disconnect, team work, stubborn persistence, online debating tactics, some good cyber sluething...and eventual vindication for all!
 :cool :win

Now, all this confusion is not our fault. From the beginning of this I've been frustrated by the lack of info on this ride, and the manner in which it has been disseminated. Even the website set up exclusively to promote the record attempt in the first place did little to follow-up the actual achievement itself. (Actually, it seems they did nothing besides one banner announcement.)

But that video that we've been analyzing all this time, the one that Kiwirider originally posted up thread? That's not the record-breaking run! It's her "warm-up" run, if you will. She did two runs that day, one at 12:10 and another at 4:19. What we've been watching was the first of the two. But without any other footage to go by, none of us seem to noticed the actual title of that video.

It clearly says:
155.980mph 2018 Project Speed Denise Mueller-Korenek Paced Bicycle

It was literally right there in front of us the whole time. 155.980 is obviously not the record time. :fp
(Unless they've changed the title since then. I really can't be sure of anything anymore.)

But if you follow the linked video to the actual Youtube page, it gets even more confusing because the description reads, Bicyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek with pace car driver Shea Holbrook in their 155.98mph run (Denise’s 2nd Run behind the pace car) prior to the 183.9mph record run at 4:19pm

That a bit odd though because it implies three runs in total. But according to her driver, they only did two that day. But I'll leave that debate for another post.

Now only just a short time ago did I explore their homepage on Youtube, and Lo and Behold! Just three weeks ago (and about ten days after this thread was started), they uploaded the actual record-breaking time! And it's from a different camera angle, so there's no confusing the two!

The funny thing is that when I saw they had uploaded another clip, and without understanding what I was seeing, I had assumed this was the practice run. So for the fun of it I began doing my usual naked-eye cadence assessment. But I immediately realized that something was seriously wrong, because her cadence was clearly faster than the video we've been analyzing. I was guessing somewhere in the 115 rpm range. So I thought, Hmmm, if she rode this fast for the trial run, then maybe the video we've been watching really does have something wrong with its playback speed.

But then I read what was in front of me and realized that I was watching the ACTUAL 183.932mph 2018 WORLD RECORD!

Now before I share that little gem, I just realized something else. There's an apology now attached to the first video that reads:
Originally we posted that this was the record run due to a mix up on the files shared to us from our videographer, but it was discovered that this was the 12:10pm run which was only 155.98mph. See other video for the 183.932mph Record Run

Now they tell us!  :angry

FFS! So I was right all along. And everyone else was right, too. We just had bad info!  :P

So now, without further ado, let us move on to record-breaking performance itself....
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