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:win  :D :win  :D

And guess what else? When you click "SHOW MORE" under the info window, that actually do, finally, provide more. Much more!  :cool

How it works:  The course is 5 miles long.  Denise is towed from 0mph at the start connected to the dragster by a steel cable to mile marker 1.25 where Denise releases the tether cable, leaving 3.75 miles in the draft to continue to increase in speed as Denise surfs the ever increasingly violent pocket of air in the wake of the dragster to achieve an average speed for the last mile of 183.932mph (average speed between mile marker 4 & 5).  The orange signs that go by in the background are mile markers with an extra orange sign at mile 2.25 for the quarter mile on timing slip. Black smaller signs are quarter mile markers (except mile 2.25).  Once Denise crosses mile marker 5, Shea Holbrook (pace car driver) slows to allow Denise to bump/press against the bump bar in the fairing where she will continue to decelerate till approximately mile 6.5 untill she reaches a speed of around 110mph, Shea Holbrook then speeds away from Denise, allowing Denise and her bicycle to exit the back of the draft and allow the wind to naturally slow her down from 110mph.

ABOUT THE BICYCLE:  Sponsored by KHS bicycles, this custom carbon fiber bicycle is fabricated by Len Lochmiller, drivetrain engineered by Todd Schusterman of Davincidesignstandems, with bike build by Chris Garcia of SD Wheel Works is quite unique.  Since the bicycle is a single gear bicycle, turning the gear over from a dead start is impossible to do.  Here are some stats: 
The 60 tooth chainring to 12 tooth cog, to another 60 tooth chainring to another 12 tooth cog double reduction gear we used means
529 gear inches
184mph is 117 rpm/cadence
138.5 feet per crank revolution
That is one mile every 38 pedal strokes!

If you did not have the double reduction gear, we would need a 300 tooth chainrings, driving a 12 tooth cog!

So I guess that settles it once and for all!

But did they have to make our lives so difficult in the interim?!?!
 :D :P :angry :lol
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