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Time to Free Lance?
« on: October 16, 2018, 02:11 »

Interesting take.

Essentially says that as Vino is allowed to ride Kona / Ironman / Tri events ... whats the real difference between him and Lance?

While I agree - I also feel that there is a cost to Lance putting USADA/the system through the incredibly nasty process that he did.  He fought dirty and lost, and that is what happens.

(mind you, Vino fought dirty and lost too ... just didnt lose as badly as Lance :) )

All in all I think it would be better if Vino couldnt ride, rather than saying Lance can.
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  • Kiwirider

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    Re: Time to Free Lance?
    « Reply #1 on: October 16, 2018, 02:29 »

    Interesting take.

    Essentially says that as Vino is allowed to ride Kona / Ironman / Tri events ... whats the real difference between him and Lance?

    Remember the comments in the original USADA report about the systemic nature of the whole USPS doping programme? Remember also how anyone who spoke out against Armstrong or left his team got crushed by Armstrong and his allies?
    That to me is your answer about what is so different.

    Vino was a drug user and, no doubt, pusher to his colleagues.
    Armstrong was the leader of an incredibly complex, dishonest, pernicious system of drug abuse, corruption and immense personal gain ...

    And yes, I agree ... would be better if these old, high profile drug user pros, kept out of other sports ...
    (Mind you, the whole ironman meovement could really do with a good bit of introspection ... especially in the age group categories ...)
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  • Drummer Boy

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    Re: Time to Free Lance?
    « Reply #2 on: October 22, 2018, 16:26 »

    Interesting take.

    Was that translated from another language? It's horribly written.  :S

    As Kiwi pointed out though, it should go without saying that Lance's transgressions were worse than others, for reasons that could not have been more throughly documented. Plus, Lance had his chance to cooperate with USADA and receive a lesser punishment. But in Lance's own words, he is "not a snitch."

    So what does that tell us? That pretty much confirms that there is other information out there that he is simply unwilling to share. So it's his own damn fault for the predicament he finds himself in.

    But the author is naive to suggest that Lance vs Vino would even be a competition at all. When Lance was training for Kona just prior to his lifetime ban, there was every reason to think that he very well might have won it. As Ullrich said about Lance on the eve of 2.0, "He won't be racing for second place."

    Lance had already been winning shorter triathlons in his lead up (including the Ironman 70.3 Hawaii in 2012) and he was most certainly "in it to win it" when it came to Kona. Vino finished 201st this year. It never even would've been close. And Lance would've considered Vino's mere presence at the race to be a challenge of the highest order.

    I remember when Lance was originally prepping for his first New York Marathon in 2006. One of his stated objectives was to beat Laurent Jalabert's previous time of 2:55:39, simply because he didn't like him. He came up short in his first attempt, but did beat that time on his second try a year or two later. So Lance is Lance, and always will be "Lance."

    Before commenting further on this though, I want to take a listen to the video/podcast that Armstrong did for Kona this year. There was a preview and recap, so I'm very curious to see how, or if, he commented on Vino's participation.

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