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Re: 2019 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #210 on: May 28, 2019, 05:27 »
Update #20: escartin climbs high

The second week of the Giro is in the bag, there were several 2.1 races that might have featured more obscure picks, a 1.1 race, and an edition of the Hammer Series. Again, not the hugest week, but some good scores were bound to be had.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   escartin   496
2   skidmark   443
3   DFA123   429
4   Geraint Too Fast   424
5   LosBrolin   416

The week goes to team escartin with almost 500 points. Their team succeeded this week by breadth and depth rather than a top-heavy roster. Matthias Brandle was their biggest scorer with 112 points; Coquard got 80, Zakarin 70, Bouhanni 48, and a whole host of riders picking up a dozen or two points at Hammer Series and elsewhere. Team skidmark lands in second place over 50 points back, with most of the same crew above sans Brandle but plus Rudy Barbier (86 points). DFA123 rounds out the podium with contributions from Caleb Ewan (85 points before his abandonment), Mikel Landa (36 points), and some of the aforementioned guys.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   escartin   (+15)
2   DFA123   (+13)
3   Eyeballs Out   (+10)
4   shalgo   (+9)
4   Tonton   (+9)

escartin doubles up with one of the few double digit leaps of the week. DFA123 moves up a spot in this ranking, while Eyeballs out ends up on the podium as well thanks largely to unique pick (and holy moly this is very likely to put Eyeballs Out on this list next week too) Richard Carapaz's 131 points.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Googolplex   153
1   armchairclimber   153
3   skidmark   145
4   TheArt   142
5   Popchu   133

Some changes afoot in this competition, and we have a tie at the top! Googolplex relinquished the lead last week, but a minuscule 2 points for 15th place on the week brings their team into a tie with armchairclimber, both with 153 points. Team skidmark's second place this week gives them 35 points to jump into third, while TheArt gets 16 points to move into 4th. I should also mention that weekly winner escartin's 45 points for the win was their team's first points of the season in this competition! Congrats to escartin for getting on the board in the most impressive way!

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   Object   6310
2   (-)   fauniera   6220
3   (+2)   skidmark   6097
4   (-1)   Tigerion   6063
5   (-1)   tobydawq   5904
6   (+1)   karaev   5880
7   (+5)   TheArt   5869
8   (-2)   EvansIsTheBest   5863
9   (+2)   Googolplex   5847
10   (-2)   Kryvo   5761
10   (-)   Nyssinator   5761

Team Object maintains their lead in this competition, but the gap has closed. Object now has two former winners of this game on their tail, as fauniera remains in second and closes the gap by 166 points, while skidmark's second place puts them on the podium. TheArt and Googolplex return to the top 10 after their good weeks, while we lose Jakob747 (we only lose 1 team because there's a tie for 10th).

This next week should be a biggie as the Giro GC points are on offer; it will be interesting to see how that shakes out, to say the least!

spreadsheet at dropbox
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