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Re: 2019 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #210 on: July 30, 2019, 06:06 »
Update #29: fauniera takes over

***note: I'm having trouble accessing dropbox to get a link to the full file, so I will try to post that tomorrow - for now, here's the update and leaders***

After a slow boil for the last 3 weeks, Tour GC points were given out, and we had to wait until the last weekend to have an idea of who was going to get the big ones (and, sadly for last week's winner Tonton, it went the wrong way for Pinot). Let's see what kind of huge scores were put up this week.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   del1962   1835
2   fauniera   1793
3   Popchu   1720
4   trackstand   1639
5   Geraint Too Fast   1618

The top 2 of the week already showed their own calculations on this thread, but they are confirmed with the update. With 1835 points - 798 from Bernal leading the way naturally, but also over 100 from Quintana, Porte, Nibali, Aru and Gaudu - del1962 takes the week with a monster score. Second place fauniera gets close with 1793 (Bernal, Landa, Nibali, Aru, Gaudu, Padun), but won't be too broken up about missing the win as their team was in second overall heading into the week, so there are bigger fish to fry. Popchu grabs the third spot, with Bernal and Quintana leading the way, and 110 points from unique pick Lutsenko on top of some more popular names that have been mentioned already.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   del1962   (+43)
2   Geraint Too Fast   (+29)
3   18-Valve. (pithy)   (+28)
4   bminchow   (+25)
5   trackstand   (+24)
5   Hugo Koblet   (+24)

del1962 doubles up this week, moving up over a third of the table, a huge 43-spot leap. Geraint Too Fast gets it together too this week, moving up almost 30 spots on the strength of a Bernal/Quintana/Nibali/Aru/Padun backbone, while 18-Valve is right behind thanks almost entirely to a strong quartet of Bernal/Quintana/Ewan/Porte.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   armchairclimber   193
2   MADRAZO   185
3   skidmark   171
4   ruvu75   166
5   Popchu   163

No change at the very top, but Popchu nabs 5th overall from Jancouver after scoring 30 points for 3rd place this week.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (+1)   fauniera   11076
2   (-1)   karaev   10695
3   (+3)   SafeBet   10305
4   (+10)   shalgo   10103
5   (+3)   Tigerion   9963
6   (-1)   Nyssinator   9846
6   (+6)   tobydawq   9846
8   (-1)   ruvu75   9828
9   (-)   DFA123   9778
10   (-7)   Kryvo   9743

And there ARE some big changes here, as expected. Second on a week as high-scoring as this vaults fauniera into the lead by almost 400 points over previous leader karaev. Safebet leaps onto the podium at the expense of Kryvo, who tumbles all the way down to 10th. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top 5 teams all have Bernal, but perhaps surprisingly, only two teams hop into the top 10 - the aforementioned shalgo, as well as tobydawq. TheArt and skidmark drop out of the top 10.

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