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Re: 2019 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #240 on: November 14, 2019, 01:08 »
Update #42.5: Points are Scored!

Good day, I am doing my duty in reporting that some teams have, in fact, scored some points this week in the CQ game! Here is the list of scoring teams (ie. Top Scorers):

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   zlev11   16
2   tobydawq   5
2   Popchu   5
4   Sestriere   2

So, let's take a hyperbolic spin on this result and trumpet the fact that zlev11 wins the week, scoring more than triple the next competitor, and more than all other competitors combined! This is due to 16 points from unique pick and 'oh yeah, remember that guy' guy Mirsamad Pourseyedi Golakhour, who now has 16 points on the season. Hey, better late than never. Other riders in the game scoring this week: Carlos Julian Quintero (5 points, 2 teams) and Nur Aiman Muhammad Zariff (2 points, 1 team). You can probably guess which teams had which riders.

The points on offer this week weren't enough to move anyone up and down the table, so there is no High Movers list. However, the Green Jersey competition amazingly does see some movement. I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but my custom when fewer than 15 teams (the normal amount that score Green Jersey points) score in a given week, I pro-rate the points given so as not to skew too heavily for winning a sparse week, but also not to shut people out when they win. Instead of awarding 45 points to the top scorer, 35 to second, etc, I reverse-count, giving 2 points (normally 15th place points) to the lowest of the scoring teams, and then moving up to 4, 6, and 8 (and more, but this week there were only 4 scoring teams, and because there was a tie, it was 2, 5, 5 and 8 points). Anyway, all this is to say that coming into this week, tobydawq was leading the competition by 5 points, and is now leading it by 10 points! Some breathing room was created. Pochu scores 5 as well to go from 6th to 5th in the competition. So there is still potential for some surprises in the two weeks that remain (probably there will be some riders in Fuzhou scoring in the game).

Here is the top of that standings, to remind you:

Rank   Team   Total
1   tobydawq   236
2   armchairclimber   225
3   ansimi   224
4   ruvu75   218
5   Popchu   213

As for the Top 10 Overall, of course tobydawq was in 9th place coming in, 23 points behind 8th place skidmark, and now that is down to 18 points. These end-of-season points don't tend to matter, but every once and awhile there's a Vinokourov-Champs Elysees 2005 moment that can change some of the minor placings. If you're into those kind of mini changes, stay tuned through Fuzhou! Here's the standings:

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   fauniera   14579
2   (-)   karaev   14399
3   (-)   Hakkie2   14260
4   (-)   Tigerion   14188
5   (-)   ruvu75   13888
6   (-)   SafeBet   13826
7   (-)   shalgo   13803
8   (-)   skidmark   13678
9   (-)   tobydawq   13662
10   (-)   Hugo Koblet   13632

and, for completeness, the spreadsheet at dropbox
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