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Re: 2019-2021 Emerging Riders CQ Game
« on: April 30, 2019, 17:35 »
Swirbul already 134 points. Was in my first selection, but I dropped him cause I didn't know anything about Landis team and maybe the WT-train was already gone.

But like with Higuita, I should trust my instinct. He's the tipical underdog talent: very promising but some problems stopped his progresion for a while. Note to myself: next year, more bold picks.

Swirbul was chosen once in the 2017-19 game, and I think more often in earlier, now completed, games, but not in this edition or the version that started last year.  I guess we collectively gave up on the early hype being realised.  Now priced out of future iterations.
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