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Re: Florida: The "Astana" of states.
« on: January 02, 2019, 22:09 »
I've always seen Florida as a state where rich oldies go to to enjoy a "golden retirement". Sure it's cliché but do I have a point or am I way off the mark?

Then there are all those amusement parks in Orlando which are not really my thing, and the art deco buildings around Miami, which are even less...

By the way, one question: the Miami Amerindian nation were rather living in the Ohio valley, so how come a Floridian city is named after them?

Recently I discovered Ave Maria: a town artificially created by the founder of Domino's Pizza, that is meant to be predominantly "Catholic".  ;)

By the way, I don't like zoos (I don't like the idea of having animals turning around in a cage, even though I enjoyed visits as a kid).

That place Ave Maria reminds me of Seahaven from the Truman Show for some reason
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