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Re: Florida: The "Astana" of states.
« on: January 03, 2019, 02:03 »
I've always seen Florida as a state where rich oldies go to to enjoy a "golden retirement". Sure it's cliché but do I have a point or am I way off the mark?

You're correct. It's not just a cliché. Florida is not only a permanent destination for older people (mostly due to the weather), but it also very a much a winter-time retreat for older people from the North East and other areas. These people will spend their winters in Florida to avoid the cold of their home state, and then escape Florida before the more oppressive heat and humidity of summer sets in. So they get the best of both worlds—if they can afford homes in both places. It is not uncommon, though.

By the way, one question: the Miami Amerindian nation were rather living in the Ohio valley, so how come a Floridian city is named after them?
It's my understanding that there were two separate and different cultures. The Miami Indians of the Ohio valley were not the same as the Mayaimi people of Florida. The pronunciations are very similar (if not identical) and I suspect that over time the spellings became interchangeable. Beyond that, Wikipedia has some relevant history of both tribes, as well as the pertinent history of both the city of Miami, and the corresponding river of the same name.

Recently I discovered Ave Maria: a town artificially created by the founder of Domino's Pizza.
Honestly, I've never heard of that place in my entire life.  :S

It's like a parody of some town that is actively trying to advertise its own lack of diversity. I'm just disappointed that they've deactivated the comments for that YouTube promo, because I can just imagine what some of the feedback would've been.

But that's one of the strange contradictions that is Florida: It is part wealthy retirement getaway, part magnet for the downtrodden, and part host to its own native collection of questionable characters. Much of which will be on prominent display throughout this thread.

I don't claim to be any sort of expert on Florida, and truth be told, I've never even been there. But its reputation is known far and wide. There are exclusive communities for the wealthy and mostly White (as in the above video), along with very poor rural areas that still harken back to the Deep South. In addition, you have cities such as Miami that are well known for their rich cultural diversity, as well as pockets of very ethnic communities made up of largely Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants. Inevitably, the gamut of human interactions and behavior is there to be found. But why they so often make the news is still a topic to explore.
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