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Re: 2019 Official Prediction Game
« Reply #690 on: July 11, 2019, 11:28 »
Quick reminder ;)


Concerning names

Please use:
- Van Avermaet, not GVA or G.V.A.
- Boasson Hagen, not EBH or E.B.H.
- Van Garderen, not TJVG
- Yates A or Yates S, not A. Yates or S. Yates or Yates A. or Yates S.
- There is only one Bennett, so please just call him Bennett and not Bennett G
- Same for Thomas, Izagirre, Sanchez and Mas
- Soren Kragh Andersen can be referred to as just Kragh, not SKA or Kragh Andersen or Kragh Anderson or whatever variation you'd normally prefer

Thanks for your attention :cool :cool

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