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The 2019 Cascade Cycling Classic concluded over this past weekend.
A little tricky to find much coverage of it though. Nothing from CyclingNews or Velonews.
Even the Wiki page is frozen in time from 2017. :S

(Perhaps because of last year's hiatus, and that it was sanctioned only by USA Cycling this time around, but no longer by the UCI?)

The Cascade Cycling Classic [was] the longest-running professional stage race in the US [from 1979] through 2017 when it was a UCI race for both the men and women. A staple of the US domestic circuit for nearly four decades, past winners of the race include Todd Gogulski, Alexi Grewal, Dale Stetina, Bart Bowen, Jonathan Vaughters, Lance Armstrong, Tom Danielson and Levi Leipheimer, among many others. Two-Time Olympic champion Kristin Armstrong won the women's race twice.

And although there are some decent videos from each stage on the main race website, pictures seem to be somewhat absent. Even their Twitter account is totally lacking in any podium pics or results.

I'm trying here, people. I'm trying!!!  :angry
(Just another reason why this sport is nearly non-existent in the U.S.)

OK. forget this. I just spent over an hour trying to figure out who actually won the race, and now I don't even care.
This started as a bit of a lark to me to promote Floyd's Pro Cycling because I was under the impression that they did quite well in this race (Team Classification, plus some podium dominance in some of the stages?). But even Floyd's twitter page is lacking in info. Travis McCabe, who supposedly won a stage or two, and was leading the overall at some point (and secured the final GC?), doesn't even seem to have anything to say about it. McCabe's own Twitter feed has been dry since January though. Weirder still, he didn't even make mention of his Tour of California excitement.

However, it does appear that the Green Jersey for Best Oregon Rider went to....

 #green #illuminate Chris Horner! :win  :lol

It seems that local press was the only press.


The Floyd’s team helped secure the overall victory in the pro men’s Cascade Cycling Classic for Travis McCabe, who finished sixth on Sunday in the final stage, the Awbrey Butte Circuit Race.

The community rallied around McCabe after his criterium victory Saturday night, and a few hundred spectators scattered along Sunday’s route watched him take the overall win.

McCabe said that the CCC is a relatively small race for a top domestic team like Floyd’s, but it is important to the squad, he explained, because Bend’s Worthy Brewing, the main sponsor of the CCC, is also one of the team’s sponsors.

“It’s a smaller race than what it used to be, but for us, it’s a big race, and it matters,” McCabe said. “So we wanted to come out here and dominate, and I think we did that.”

Now, Lukas, fire up those new kit smileys for Floyd's!  :P
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