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Re: Mens' transfers and Rumors 2019-20
« Reply #30 on: June 05, 2019, 04:04 »
well, him, Landa and Quintana leaving the ship will certainly solve some potential leadership conflicts at least. Looks like Valverde will have a lot of freedom next year?!
Yes, I failed to mention the extraordinary talent drain that Movistar are currently in the midst of. All the more reason you'd think they'd desperately want to hold onto Carapaz!

Not to mention, wouldn't the departure of their marque riders mean that extra funds would be availibale to throw at Carapaz as a nice enticement to stay? And if Valverde remains, what better mentor could a rising, Spanish-speaking star hope to encounter? Alejandro—besides any opinions one may have about him—has to be considered one of the most seasoned, accomplished and enduring riders in the history of the sport. How could that possibly compare with riding in the shadow of Froome?
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