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Re: Mens' transfers and Rumors 2019-20
« Reply #30 on: June 12, 2019, 07:39 »
In any case, this rule ought to preclude any 'recruiting' of a rider for the following year (like Pellaud for 2020 by Savio) outside this poorly-named 'transfer period' (which is 1 August-31 December).
The rule may be written extremely convolutedly, but the fact of it remains: Pellaud's new pro contract (or indeed Nibali's #trek signing) wasn't allowed to be announced until the beginning of August, and the fact that they were announced could be grounds for fining the riders and teams involved

Nibali, for sure. But in Pellaud's case, I don't see a problem. Conti riders can be signed at any time anyway, Savio could hire him to get on the ship tomorrow if he likes to.
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