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Re: Mens' transfers and Rumors 2019-20
« Reply #60 on: June 25, 2019, 07:05 »

Martin --------------> #groupama or #cofidis ?

He has got a contract with Wanty for next year, but there is a get out clause if a WT team comes in with an offer and Wanty can not match it.

Also, his contract might have a clause that if the Wanty management becomes senile he should be allowed to leave. In the Dauphiné, they demanded that sick riders should finish the race in order to be in contention for the Tou de France selection. 3 mountain stages with a fever and you can be pretty sure they won´t be able to perform at the level required in the TdF.

(See also: «Dimension Data», «Algarve», «Virus», «Spring Classics», and «Total failure in main season objectives»).

After the “complete the Dauphiné or no TDF”  the sick riders continued for one more stage before 3 of the sick riders DNFˋed anyway. The management seems to have backed off. Some of the sick riders are selected for TdF now, but this attitude from team management in 2019 from a 95 year old team manager should make any rider with serious ambitions look for the door immediately, as nothing good is going to come from it.  :angry
Consider how #mitchelton withdrew Yates from a very likely podium, on the last day, and #jumbo Kruijswijk leaving the race: any ser teams don’t compromise TDF goals for a day in the Dauphiné.
Get out Guillaume!  :cool
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