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Re: Mens' transfers and Rumors 2019-20
« Reply #150 on: August 09, 2019, 10:38 »

Jasha Sütterlin #movistar --> #sunweb
Nico Denz #ag2r --> #sunweb
(both on two-year contracts)

They are more experienced than the other three, and would be of more help to Dumoulin ... but they're not exactly signings that make you go 'wow'.
Feels more like they were signed because they were German and available. ;)

Take into account that they are not just signing riders, they develop them too, and you have seen that Leonard Kämna may be able to deliver some of that "wow" you and Dumoulin are looking for. (You know him better than me, but he was quite impressive in the Tour and I don't know if you saw that.)

I thought #bora had already won the battle for the "German WT team" status and you need someone on the Ackermann / Schachmann / Emu level to take back that badge. "Available, and German"  domestiques won't do that.
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