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Re: Man Down - Injury Reports 2019
« on: June 13, 2019, 00:42 »
So as not to swamp the Dauphiné thread...


“At the start of the descent, Chris wanted to blow his nose and, at that moment, a sharp gust of wind pushed him against a low wall along the side of the road,” Team Ineos general manager Dave Brailsford told VeloNews afterward. At the time, Froome was riding a time-trial bike with a high-profile front wheel that’s more prone to being pushed around in gusty conditions. According to reports, Froome was going 37 miles per hour when he hit the wall. He is definitely out of the 2019 Tour de France.

Team Ineos issued a press release on Wednesday detailing Froome’s injuries: a fractured right femur, elbow, ribs (the team didn’t say how many), and possibly a hip. Froome didn’t lose consciousness but was apparently almost unable to speak in the moments after the crash. He was taken by an ambulance and then helicopter to a regional hospital in Roanne, and was transferred again to a larger facility in Saint-Etienne. “It’ll take quite a long time before he races again,” said Brailsford, according to the BBC.

Those are chilling words. Brailsford normally puts on an optimistic face for the press, whatever the circumstances; for him to sound so grim in this situation is telling. And he’s likely right that we won’t see Froome again for some time, almost certainly not until next season.

An AFP report on the crash noted that a witness to the accident said Froome had suffered an open (or compound) fracture, which means that a bone fragment displaced enough to break the skin. If that’s true, it’s concerning, because this kind of break can cause additional injuries and increase the risk of infection. The AFP quoted Brailsford as saying Froome was in “a very, very serious condition.”
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