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Re: Man Down - Injury Reports 2019
« on: June 18, 2019, 15:31 »
Not an active pro rider, I know, but still...

The sport is unkind.

phil gaimon tweets
Wow, man, thanks for posting this. I had NOT seen these, and I get tweets from Phil all the time. WTF, idk. I was REALLY excited to hear about his Olympic track hopes, so this is bad news.

What a crazy year for accidents. Hey, you know what's crazy? There are people out there - I saw it on twitter - that think the Froome crash was faked, and is part of a conspiracy to cover up some sort of doping discovery. omfg. Conspiracy theorists. If I find anything more on this that is worth posting, I'll put it over in the Dark Side.
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  • . . .He had the bit between his teeth, and he loiked the taste, mate . . .


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