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Re: 2019 Spring Classics CQ Game
« on: February 20, 2019, 15:52 »
You will notice that I have added Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn - Frankfurt, which becomes the last race of the series and might rebalance the selections a little, leaving something other than the Ardennes puncheurs for the final resolution.  It is in the spring, it is a WT race: I think I had only omitted it in the past because I had a notion of the spring races finishing with Liege. 

With this and the upgrading of De Panne, there are more points available than last year. I haven't included any 1.1s, much as I like Tro-Bro Leon and Le Samyn: they rarely have any WT teams other than those of the host nation, and the expected teams (per PCS) include no more than 3 WT teams in any of them (Ardeche and Drome had 5 last year, but weren't included)

Last year the competition was very close, and really only decided in the last couple of hundred metres of Ans: be part of it, and by all means mention it on other cycling forums if the readers there might be interested.

Later edit: If I had included Eschborn - Frankfurt last year, the final podium, instead of being Madrazo - The Asian - Hakkie, would have been The Asian - Armchair Cyclist - Nathanptz, due to Sean De Bie (already a very successful popular pick in that game) picking up what would have been 70 more points.
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