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Re: 2019 Spring Classics CQ Game
« on: March 02, 2019, 15:53 »
The Big Spends

The average budget per rider in 250 pts: to spend more than twice of that is an expression of some confidence in a rider, so who went for who?  19 of these riders were chosen; 5 teams found space for four of them, 8 teams combine three, 18 teams are two-headed, and 4 have a single leader.

Van Avermaet:      Blues in the Bottle   
Wellens   and Stybar:   Just Some Guy   
Terpstra   and Vanmarcke:   So Last Year   
Valgren   and Van Aert:   Josedin   
Moscon   and Van Aert:   Postmanhat   
Naesen   with Vanmarcke, Van Aert and Van der Poel:   SemirS   
Benoot   with Stybar and Vanmarcke:   LightBing   
   with Van Aert:   Scrool07   
Gilbert   with Vanmarcke:   LosBrolin   
   with Trentin and Van der Poel:   ThePirate81   
   with Trentin:   Nathanptz   
Lampaert   with Vanmarcke:   Laarsland and    Leadbelly
   with Trentin:   Otoxiep87   
Stybar   with Van Aert, Trentin and Van der Poel:   Tobydawq   
Boassen Hagen   with Lutsenko, Van Aert and Van der Poel:   Del1962   
Lutsenko   with Kreuziger and Van der Poel:   Armchair Cyclist   
   with Trentin:   Salvarani   
Gaviria   with Vanmarcke, Van Aert and Van der Poel:   PremierAndrew   
   with Vanmarcke and Trentin:   Kazistuta   
   with Trentin and Van der Poel:   Joelsim   
Vanmarcke   with Van Aert and Kreuziger:   MellowVelo   
   withVan Aert and Van der Poel:   Madrazo   
   with Van Aert:   GPBlanco   
   with Trentin:   RoteLaterne,  Safebet and Vladimir
   with Van der Poel:   Search   
   alone   NorthAmericanScum   
Van Aert   with Trentin, Cort and Van der Poel:   Chiron   
   with Trentin:   Bminchow   
   with Van der Poel:   AmisVelo, Blues in the Bottle and Triley36
Trentin:      Comodoro and   Flo
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