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Re: 2019 Spring Classics CQ Game
« Reply #30 on: March 17, 2019, 20:04 »
Race 5/21 Ronde van Drenthe

After the completely pointless GP Larciano last weekend, the Ronde van Drenthe didn't produce much more this week.  I guess that the WT teams have their eyes on Paris-Nice and Tirreno-Adriatico, so their riders, and our picks, are largely absent.

I guess with more races becoming WT, those that are still 1.HC get less attention.  We'll have some chat at the end of the game about how to select races for next year, but for now, I said it was in, so it is.

PLANCKAERT Edward   7th, 42 pts for Just Some Guy
DEMPSTER Zakkari    21st, 5 for Blues in the Bottle
SPENGLER Lukas    24th, 5 for So Last Year, and therefore not counted for Green Points
ALLEGAERT Piet   27th, 5 for Otoxiep87

Blues itB moves up 2 places to 11th, Otoxiep remains in 10th, and JSG retakes the lead, 24 ahead of Tobydawq rather than 18 down.

80 Green points to JSG, and 42.5 to the other two scorers. That means the points for positions 4-10 should be shared among the other 32 teams.  But rather than give them all 1.91 points, and on the same principle as I didn't give everyone 6.47 points last week, I'll take that amount off the three scores that were achieved. 
So that'll be 78.09 and 40.59.
1   JustSomeGuy   173.09
2   Tobydawq   100
3   Otoxiep87   91.59
4   Leadbelly   80
4   Scrool07   80
6   LightBing   70
7   Blues_in_the_Bottle   44.59
8   Salvarani   35
8   Laarsland   35
10   Del1962   30

Let's see whether Nokere Koerse on Wednesday is a bit more impactful on the scores.
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