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Re: Operation Aderlass
« Reply #30 on: March 06, 2019, 10:22 »
thinking about it, it could also go further back, seeing Schmidt's background, and how he was connected.

Last week Stefan Matschiner confirmed that Schmidt's centrifuge was the one used by him in the Vienna Bloodbank affair a couple of years ago (until ~2009 or so). When Matschiner was caught, he sold it to Schmidt, together with a good amount of customers.

Erfurt was named as one the branches of the Vienna headquarter back then (until ~2005), and much of the knowhow used in Vienna went back to GDR days.

Back in those GDR days, Mark Schmidt's mother Heidrun was doctor of the "Turbine Erfurt" sports club, where systematic doping was normality.

Until the end of 2018, his father Ansgar (now arrested as well as apparent "head" of this doping ring), in the leading positions for sports in Thuringia for 20 years , was working as a lawyer for "Spilker & Collegen" in Erfurt. That's Heinz-Jochen Spilker, former German national coach in athletics, heavily involved in doping with anabolic steroids. He even has an own model going back to him, the so called "Hammer Modell". That didn't stop anyone from making him the Vice-President of the Thuringian Sports Association of course.

Seven years ago he was the lawyer of Andreas Franke in the UV treatment case (involving Marcel Kittel and so on), who's doctor's office is around the corner.

Excellent stuff, search. Wow, this runs deep.

What a business. Buying and selling equipment and client lists, hunting for new clients. If there is demand, it's never just going to end with Fuentes or Ferrari or Schmidt. Someone will take over the business and assume the risks.

Schmidt had done pretty well to minimise his risks but there are so many people involved that he could never be sure. That's why the authorities busting his father and the suggestion of sports body complicity are probably the worst outcomes for him because now he has lost his protection.
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