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Re: Operation Aderlass
« Reply #30 on: December 22, 2019, 17:46 »
The was a press conference in Munich the other day, exposing some Aderlass cycling-related stuff I hadn't heard about before:

In 2018, Dr Schmidt was doping cyclists during (among others) the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, Tour de Romandie, Tour de Suisse, Tour of California, Tour of Turkey and Tour de Pologne.

Also an "established pro from Switzerland, but not a star" was among Schmidt's customers.

Among the cyclists involved, there are also two German ones which haven't been named yet. According to the ARD, those are "from high-class teams. They have also participated in the Tour de France [whether in 2018 or not is not speciefied though]. One of them is still active [which probably means, that the other one meanwhile has retired]".

It's Sunday, so of course tried to track down those two riders. As far as I can see, in general, so far 5 cyclists were named (and banned):

- Georg Preidler
- Stefan Denifl
- Kristijan Koren
- Kristijan Đurasek
- Borut Božič

Taking the seven races listed above, these are the ones they participated in in 2018:

Tour de Romandie
- Kristijan Đurasek

Giro d'Italia
- Georg Preidler
- Kristijan Koren

Tour of California
- Kristijan Đurasek

Tour de Suisse
- Stefan Denifl

Tour de France
- Kristijan Đurasek

Tour de Pologne
- Georg Preidler (won a stage)

Tour of Turkey
- Kristijan Đurasek

so this is no help to find the German riders, as potentially Schmidt could have just dealt with the listed ones.

There are not too many active German riders who did the Tour de France though:

-   #sunweb   Arndt, Nikias
-   #bora   Buchmann, Emanuel
-   #bora   Burghardt, Marcus
-   #trek   Degenkolb, John
-   #sunweb   Fröhlinger, Johannes (to retire next week)
-   #ccc   Geschke, Simon
-   #arkea   Greipel, André
-   #lotto   Kluge, Roger
-   #ineos   Knees, Christian
-   #sunweb   Kämna, Lennard
-   #jumbo   Martens, Paul
-   #jumbo   Martin, Tony
-   #katusha   Politt, Nils
-   #bora   Schachmann, Maximilian
-   #bora   Schillinger, Andreas
-   #bora   Selig, Rüdiger
-   #bahrain   Sieberg, Marcel
-   #movistar   Sütterlin, Jasha
-   #katusha   Zabel, Rick

Tracking down the retired riders is a bit more difficult, as it's not specified that he was still active in 2018 - so he could potentially have retired long ago (like Petacchi). Those who did retire over the past 7 years (I couldn't be bothered to go back any further) and did the Tour de France are:

-   (retired in 2019)   #katusha   Kittel, Marcel
-   (retired in 2019)   #arkea   Wagner, Robert
-   (retired in 2017)   #ag2r   Gretsch, Patrick
-   (retired in 2016)   #stolting   Ciolek, Gerald
-   (retired in 2016)   #stolting   Gerdemann Linus
-   (retired in 2016)   #bora   Nerz, Dominik
-   (retired in 2016)   #bora   Voss, Paul
-   (retired in 2016)   #stolting   Wegmann, Fabian
-   (retired in 2015)   #uhc   Förster, Robert
-   (retired in 2015)   #ccc   Schumacher, Stefan
-   (retired in 2014)   #meridiana   Sinkewitz, Patrik
-   (retired in 2014)   #trek   Voigt, Jens
-   (retired in 2013)   #nsp   Fothen, Markus
-   (retired in 2013)   #quickstep   Grabsch, Bert
-   (retired in 2013)   #radioshack   Hondo, Danilo
-   (retired in 2013)   #garmin   Klier, Andreas
-   (retired in 2013)   #radioshack   Klöden, Andreas
-   (retired in 2013)   #stolting   Schröder, Björn

so if the ARD is correct, one of the names from the upper list and one from that at the bottom is likely to pop up in the media soonish
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