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Re: Paris - Nice
« on: March 10, 2019, 16:52 »
Hello, this is today's bulletin from the Centre Nationale de Contrôle des Bordures[1].

The previsions for tomorrows étape to Bellegarde is ready:

Unfortunately, it does not look like it will be as spectaculaire as it was today. Le weather conditions will start out with some wet roads and a chance of showers tomorrow, but during l'étape winds will gradually become lighter, there will be less rainshowers (and less wind gusts) and at the ligne d'arrivée[2] only light winds are expected.

The winds will come from the North-West so for most of the way, the cyclistes will have the wind in their back, but in a couple of sections the wind will come from the side and behind the cyclistes. If it is strong enough, we can get the  bordures spectaculaires everybody is hoping for, but - the longest of these sections, and where the winds will be strongest, is in the beginning of the exposed open terrain very far from the ligne d'arrivée, immediately after the tres petit montagne sprint, at 109-90 kilométres left to go.
Aprés this,  the cyclistes will get a long section of tailwinds until about 51 km left to go, where a new section of 9 kilomètres from Neuville-sur-Essone to Boynes should provide for more bordures, if the wind stays a little bit stronger than le prévision.

Finalement, there is a finshing circuit course which also has orientations favorables for les bordures, but the prévision is very negatif concerning not having strong enough winds for le formation des bordures at this moment anymore. The wind is expected to die down completely until nightfall.

Below is an overview showing le parcours,  all the exposed terrain (there are more woods at the start), and the bordure zones  from the prévision:

(I think you can click it for a full-size version).

I think this looks like it will come down to le sprint!
Bon Nuit, from the CNCB!  :)
 1. also known as the CNCB
 2. finish line
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