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An early version of the 2020 calendar is out on the UCI website. There are a few thing of interest.

A new one day race in the States (probably very flat).

There is?

In the United States? :slow

Which one? (Race, that is. Not state.)  :P

Oh, now I see (that UCI site is a bit strange to search on).

06 Sep 2020

Baltimore will host a major international cycling race for three years beginning in 2020
I'll be extremely generous and give this one to two years—tops:-x

Baltimore's inner-city is one of the most corrupt and crime-ridden in the entire nation. No way is this going to last. And no way is it going to bring in the absurd “$20 million benefit” that's being projected.  Nice wordplay there, btw. Please define "benefit" as opposed to "dollars."

Don't book your hotels just yet.
The Baltimore Department of Transportation said the city has not officially agreed to host the race and is continuing to study the issue, but Visit Baltimore is one of the partners in the group organizing the event along with the sports commission and Medalist Sports.

The event will secure needed permits after working with the city and any counties the race enters on determining the best route, said Hasseltine, also vice president of communications for the Maryland Stadium Authority.

He added that while the Baltimore region is the focus of the event and organizers have preliminary support from city officials, if talks were to break down, the event would remain in the state and could be run outside the city.

Yeah, like waaaay outside the city.

Richmond is only 2.5 hours away.  :cool

To be completely fair to the city of Baltimore though, I've heard that the boardwalk and area surrounding Camden Yards, where the Baltimore Oriels baseball team plays, is supposed to be beautifully done.

Not to be confused with the other side of town. *usa
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