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My reactions:
A couple of new races in Saudi.
Organised by ASO, at that. I guess they replaced the *qa :betting with *sa :betting ... :-x

European Tour

A new race in Tel Aviv - will it happen?
This one's organised by RCS, so it probably will happen. Giro legacy event, and with a local WT team at the start. Sylvan Adams' :betting is working.

A catchicly named new race in Croatia - WINTER CYCLING CAMP - 2nd race.
But where is "WINTER CYCLING CAMP - 1st race"? :slow
What they mean is probably that it's the second edition ... but then there was no first edition, at least not as a UCI race.
Organised by Vladimir Miholjević who's also behind the CRO Race (and used to be (co-)organising the Tour of Croatia until his split with Ivan Črnjarić in April - since the latter's race was then cancelled five days before the start, we now know who held the purse strings in that relationship).

No races in Turkey for the time being.
The Presidential Tour of Turkey is listed now.
We'll see if and how it gets held, and who will turn up.

An "Authentic Tour of Macedonia", we certainly wouldn't want a fake one.
Held in *gr, not *mk: The Greeks want to make very clear which is the "authentic" Macedonia.
Mind you, the race website given on the UCI site doesn't work, so maybe don't hold your breath ...

The Ras returns!
The Rás website does work, but is still in 2018.
Fingers crossed, I like the Rás.

No Norwegian Hammer race.
Also listed now, in late May while Limburg has 'moved' to August. Hong Kong (cancelled this year when it should have been a one-day event) now listed as two days.
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