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But that's not a problem. Not everything has to always be the biggest and bestest - on the contrary, finding a good niche will often be more successful than desperately trying to be(come) something you're certifiably not.

Strade Bianche being the perfect example. What's that race, only 12 -years-old?

I was really thinking that the Tour of the Battenkill would've grown to something more substantial and significant by now, but it has gotten more popular, and developed quite the cult attraction. The Red Hook Crit is another invention of the U.S scene that has spread internationally and developed quite a hard-core following.

Trying to be "too much" has been the biggest downfall of U.S. races, IMO.

I had totally forgotten that Battenkill added a Gran Fondo since I was last there. I would like to do that, for sure. Or even just be a volunteer next year. It's an extremely cool event.
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