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This whole spiel about California being the "fourth-biggest stage race" was part of that, too.
Let's be real: The fourth-biggest stage race is the Tour de Suisse, with Dauphiné and Paris-Nice close behind. Any stage race in the US, however great it may be, can't hope to come near that status until it's been running, continuously, for ~50 years.

But that's not a problem. Not everything has to always be the biggest and bestest - on the contrary, finding a good niche will often be more successful than desperately trying to be(come) something you're certifiably not.
Focus on your strengths.

They have the biggest roads. The whole peloton can ride abreast on some of them, and frequently do until the sprint.

IMO, to add to the fact that TOC is the most boring stage race on the calendar about from a couple of stages each year, it’s also on at 10pm to midnight in Europe, a bit of a barrier for most.
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