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Re: Velogames - Spring Classics 2019
« on: March 21, 2019, 18:23 »

The waters have been muddied and Velogames will run both a limited and unlimited transfer Spring Classics Game.

Keeping track of both competitions at the same time would be more than confusing and dishing out double the amount of points for the same set of races would be rather imbalanced from the point of view of the year long league, so I'm inclined to stick with just one competition.

If he gets the limited transfer version up and running this evening then we'll go with that - the "classic" Classics version. If we have to wait till tomorrow for whatever reason, that won't leave much time for people to get their teams in and therefore in that case the unlimited version will count.

You can play both of course, but the other version (whichever that turns out to be) will just be for fun.
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