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Re: 59th Itzulia Basque Country
« on: April 11, 2019, 09:19 »
to come back to today...

#astana Pello Bilbao comes from the town next door to Arrigorriaga and did a stage analysis:

It's in Basque of course, but google translator does the job.

About the big climb with ~40k to go he says "in the race, it will be climbed in 13-14 minutes. At 16 kilometers per hour, something like that. It is difficult for a team to go to the limit on Bikoitz Gane with the intention of going for the race. It can be used to harden the race, it can be used to position itself, to be well placed and try to avoid mistakes, - but not to leave contenders behind, I think. The descent is not dangerous either. It's fast. It has some dark spots, but you just have to touch the brake. In case it rains if it can be dangerous though. In the race the speed will approach 100 kilometers per hour, I guess. More than 90 kilometers per hour for sure."

And about the finish: "It's going to be insane. I have calculated that it'll be two efforts of three minutes each. Three minutes for the first part of the climb. Then comes a quick descent and then there are another three minutes left for the second part of the climb. All at maximum effort. It's practically going to be a sprint up there. [...] [The] descent [is] fast and on a very well paved and wide roads [...] but it is clear that for anyone who attacks and gets ten meters over the top, this can very well be enough to reach the finish line and win."
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