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However, in truth the race is as wide open as it has been for many years. 

OK, so Tom Boonen predicts an early breakaway can go in? Is Hayman still around  :shh

More seriously, who are the riders you think can go all the way if they slip into the morning break? (The last time I watched this race in full I think there really wasn't a morning break, was that last year already?)

I guess many of the pro-conti teams are sort of expected to be there, but a rider like #direct #total Terpstra would never be let go up the road anyway, but what happens if there's an old gorilla[1] in the break? Wouldn't that be the kind of guy who could "do a Hayman" ?

His results in this race are quite good, better than #uae Kristoff, and his best year so far -  was last year.  :o
 1. #arkea Arkea - the team name, same root as Arkeikum - the oldest eon of earth. Then it must be an old gorilla!
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