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Wake up!!!!!!  :D

One thing that stood out to me from that INRNG link above was this quote:

I've said it before, but it's quite something that Phinney was able to make the Top 10 on what was practically a whim. Had he not suffered that career-altering injury a few years ago, one can only imagine what he may have achieved. I'm curious to see how he does today. I also wonder how motivated he is to leave an impression on the race. Maybe his chilled-out stoner-bro vibe works to his advantage under such stressful conditions.

If he were to make the final selection, I don't think he has the pop to win in a sprint, and I don't think he's explosive enough to ride others off his wheel before reaching the velodrome. But if he somehow found himself with a gap leading into Roubaix, he certainly has the TT pedigree to make catching him an arduous affair.

Well, that's my daydream for the day. We're all allowed one.  :)

Phinney has had major knee problems throughout the spring though, therefor didn't start in Gent Wevelgem and E3, and basically abandoned every other major race he did. Still, if there's anything to expect from him, it's in Roubaix, but I'd be surprised if it's this time around.
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