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Sudden, heavy rains at just under 5 km added some drama to today's stage. It appeared that the roads were dry for the finale though, and luckily there was only one crash in the final meters (was that Ethan Hayter?). He had a fair bit of road rash on his shoulder afterward, and during the crash itself it looked like the side of his head/helmet met the pavement quite convincingly. But he seemed to be relatively OK.

Dimension  #didata looked the days of old in the final couple of Ks. Eisel, leading Crenshaw, leading Cavendish—that used to spell the end for their rivals. Even as a rider tried to sneak through the side, Cav held his position with confidence (and a bit of shoulder & elbow) that seemed to indicate strong form and determination. But then Cav seemed to lose Crenshaw's wheel, and the lot of them looked like they threw in the towel with a few hundred meters to go. If not here, on home soil (for Mark, at least), with a solid lead out, then I don't expect to see much out of that train in the future. How the tides have changed.

Rick Zabel  #katusha had the necessary power and the freshest legs on what was an elusively punchy little rise just before the finish. He seemed to surprise even himself, based on his post-race interview. A well-timed effort though, that gave him a deserved win.

Why so little love for this race? CN didn't offer a live report, and even their official race page doesn't even include the start list? Being on British soil, shouldn't this be garnering more attention from them? Or is it deliberate for some reason?

The usual Twitterati were completely absent today as well (at least as far as the characters I usually keep track of).

And, um, there seemed to be a conspicuous absent here from Veloroom's own British contingent. :slow

Roadside, with ale in hand, were we?

Just curious.
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