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I am greatly disappointed to report that in the end, the Vikings were thrown back into the sea, to where they came from.
#riwal Alexander Kamp folded completely on the last kilometers after what looked like gradually realizing he and his team were being outsmarted by the cunning stage race tactics of the Inean veterans.

Today's stage was mostly run on empty until about 100 kilometers remaining, when #ineos Basso decided to accelrate across the the windswept top of a moor after some near-vertical climbing was undertaken at moderate speeds. The race didn't really ever slow down afterwards, but this first attempt did not manage to split the peloton.

More serious damage was being dealt by #riwal on a later climb, they shed about half of the remaining peloton. However, it didn't really get serious until the penultimate climb when #ineos Froome upped the pace considerably. Very few could follow the accelration, but it was made for #ineos Dunbar to attack once the other followers were choking. #riwal Alexander Kamp was one of these, and Chris Lawless too - but he dropped early, while Kamp followed almost to the top. That might have cost him too much.

In the remaining approx 15 km Dunbar rode TT but was eventually caught by #ccc van Avermaet and #ineos Lawless, who seemed to agree on stage and GC positions. Even if the chase was a little threatening, it was just not strong enough close the gap - perhaps because of trying to follow Froome's accelration?

Stage results:

And the final GC: 
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