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I had been wondering and asking about just that!

Which begs another question: Have you ridden any of the roads for the Worlds course, or any of the terrain that was featured in that final stage? Some beautiful and inspiring scenes depicted there.

And for that matter: Are you planning on attending the World Championships?

Well, there are a lot of questions there. :)

I grew up in Yorkshire, specifically that part of it, so most of the roads are very familiar to me, just as they were when the Tour passed through. I have ridden more or less all of the Worlds course at different times except for parts of the finishing circuit since much of it is in a busy town centre.

I think we learned a lesson with the Leeds Classic which was always a bit too long and too hard for a post-Tour one-dayer and the Worlds route looks like a bit of a throwback to those days. It is however later on in the year and more is at stake. But I don't see much happening in the Elite Men's race before the race reaches the circuit, a BOTD to chase down and then there will be some splits. I think there won't be a whole lot of finishers.

I was planning to go there - it's one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, after all, and I missed the Tour - but unfortunately stuff has happened recently IRL that will now probably render it impossible. It's a shame, really, but there it is.
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