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Re: [WT] Tour of California
« on: May 13, 2019, 02:55 »
Estimated local finish time for the stages:

Stage 1 - 5:40pm

Add 3 for the East Coast, 8 for UK and Ireland and 9 for continental Europe. You're on your own for stage 1 Drumbo!

Even with this forewarning, for some reason, I still confused the times. :fp

I had set the DVR to record what, in my mind, was a condensed, 3-hour, re-broadcast. But I ended up being around for it, so I watched it. Even though the screen clearly said "Live", I had convinced myself that what I was watching had already taken place, so the entire time I was afraid to go online for fear of any spoilers I might encounter.

As it turned out, I was watching the actual live broadcast as it happened. As a result of my ignorance, however,  you'll find that the Live Chat here was pretty sparse

For the most part, however, the lingering sentiment for me was:
God, this race is so unbelievably friggin' boring!!!!
Having to listen to Phil talk about absolutely nothing,; watching a two-man breakaway that had zero chance of anything; occasional attempts by Bob Roll and CVV to pretend that something worhwhile was taking place; and then, insult to injury, having Jens Voigt chime in towards the end was just too much.

Assuming that what was on TV had already happened, I mostly had it on the background, and had fully convinced myself that I was done with this race before it had barely even started. Perfect weather in California only added to the boredom. But a few things got my attention in the final minute.

- I began to sense that my broadcast was, in fact, live, so that made me sit up a bit.

- The sprint seemed a bit disorganized, and Sagan managed to tag onto a  #ineos leadout that somehow hadn't realized who they were inadvertently working for.

-Travis McCabe made a bold run for the line, and kept Sagan honest right up until the final bike lunge. It was nice to the Stars & Stripes with a strong showing.

What really surprised though, more than anything, was Sagan's unmistakable exuberance after his victory. He was genuinely thrilled with his achievement. He seemed really, really happy about it. I'll admit that the California cynic in me was a bit perplexed by this.

I understand that he's been struggling, and not living up to expectations this season, but I didn't think another stage win in Cali would be so redeeming for him. But clearly he was moved by it.

While I thought that McCabe would've been sorely disappointed with coming so close to a stage win of his own, on the contrary, he was nothing but laughter and smiles during his post-race interview. He was thrilled just to have been in the mix, and was more than happy with having crossed the line second behind the former World Champion Sagan.

It was also McCabe's 30th Birthday today, so that put him in an extra-good mood as well. His ultimate ambition for this race is a podium position in the final GC, and he personally believes some of the upcoming stages are more suited to him, as he doesn't consider himself a pure sprinter. He seemed sincerely, and pleasantly, surprised by his achievement today.

The only other notable event in the final few minutes was the the failure of the handbell as the peloton began their final lap of the finishing circuit—much to the dismay of the bell-ringer himself. You had one job! Ever the gracious participant, though, Peter Sagan could be seen lending his hand to the repair of the bell just prior to walking on stage to receive his leader's jersey.
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