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Re: [WT] Tour of California
« Reply #30 on: May 14, 2019, 06:40 »
Oh boy, I'm too frazzled right now, and I have been for the better part of the past seven hours. I'm been trying to concentrate on way too many things simultaneously, and my brain has been in five different time zones for most of it.

Such was the case for the last few hours of the this stage. After having watched the Giro stage earlier, and then California launched almost right after that, and much sooner than I was anticipating, I probably didn't give myself enough down time. Plus, with a too many distractions on my end, the ending of this stage seemed very confusing to me.

But I went back and read the CN recap, and now it seems even more confusing. There were a lot of weird dynamics on the road, and I'll have to leave the details of all that to someone else to sort out. Adding more mayhem to the mix was the utterly bewildering data feed coming in from the Tour Tracker. Somewhere along the line they got a couple of hours out of synch. The race updates were a couple of hours behind the video feed (and the TV feed), while their time stamp was a good hour ahead of that. I'm not sure where, or why, it went haywire, but it made it even more difficult to untangle the details.

I'm too tired to dig up any decent pics, but I do know that the final couple of KMs were an uphill challenge, and that TeeJay is now leading the GC, while young Kasper Asgreen  #deceuninck captured his first pro win by snatching the stage victory out from under both van Garderen  #ef, and Gianni Moscon  #ineos in the final hundred meters or so, with an impressive display of fortitude and determination (along with some decent climbing legs, too).

The one bit of excitement I did catch was the near-wipe out of the SRAM support vehicle as it barely stayed on the road, squealing tyres and all, on the final turn coming off gravel onto pavement.

Besides that, I also know that Travis McCabe  #teamusa, yesterday's 2nd place, celebratory birthday boy, came in 31st today, at 01:05, putting his GC podium ambitions a bit more out of reach.

Now I must sleep... :x_x
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