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Re: [WT] Tour of California
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Thing did not go so well for Mark Cavendish (again) as a mid-stage mechanical had him waiting...and waiting...and waiting for a bike change. Upon remounting, it seemed somewhat apparent from the look on his face, and the position of his team car, that what he really wanted was a window of time without a camera-moto tracking his every move so as to allow for a nice sticky-bottle tow back to the main group. Not sure how that all panned out, in the end.

But then the road went down...

And somehow, Cavanga stayed upright—but just barely. Shaky and unstable, and seemingly misjudging most of his turns, the Frenchman was lucky to have such a big lead, with no one else on the road to complicate things for him. He spiked a few heartbeats in the booth, though.

The gap between Cavagna and Hoehn hovered mostly around two minutes, while the peloton remained about eight minutes behind the leader.

With about 22km remaining Simon Geschke  #ccc leapt ahead of the group which sparked Ben King  #didata to join him in the pursuit of Hoehn. The young American rode valiantly in an attempt to hold onto his second place on the stage, but he just didn't have the legs to maintain it, and was soon caught by King and Geshke, who even encouraged him to join them to the line, but he was unable—he had given all that he could for the day.

Behind them, Taylor Phinney #ef was applying continued pressure, driving the peloton towards the leaders.


Cavagna would hold on to his day-long lead by taking the stage win with a massive gap over the rest of the field.

Hoehn would be caught by the peloton, as Ben King easily overtook Geschke in a two-man sprint to round out the podium.


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