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Re: [WT] Tour of California
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I mentioned in the race chat about a previous cattle guard-related crash. Turns out it was the 2015 USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

This letter was written as part of a protest against the removal of race radios, claiming that they could prevent such tragedies. But really, wouldn't covering up those gratings make a lot more sense in general?

To the professional cycling community:

On Wednesday, August 24th, at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado,
USA during the Queen stage of the race a horrible crash happened at a
cattle guard. Myself and two other riders were hospitalized. There was
no warning that we were approaching the cattle guard. The crash occurred
because one of the riders put his front wheel into the space separating
the two sides of the cattle guard: his speed instantaneously changed
from 55km/h to zero, his front wheel shattering, sending him face-first
into the road. I hit him, shearing my fork in two, and myself crashing
into the road to shatter my helmet and fracture my back.

Speaking with people the following day they said that this particular cattle
guard was in very bad shape: simply walking across it had been
difficult. The gap between the two grids (into which Callegarin put his
wheel) that made up the cattle guard was particularly wide and the rods
themselves were triangular in shape and very rough. The riders should
have been warned about its dangerous nature. Had we racers had enough
forewarning to prepare ourselves, and space out for the cattle guard,
this accident could have been avoided.


-Andrew Randell

Canadian pro Andrew Randell (Pro Continental team, Spider Tech - C10) along with
Ivan Basso (Liquigas-Cannondale), Davide Frattini (UnitedHealthcare),
Daniele Callegarin (Team Type 1) and Sergio Hernandez (Jelly Belly) all
went down after a collision with a cattle guard.

Randell, Callegarin, and Hernandez were all taken to hospital with a variety of
fractures, lacerations concussion and the usual lost bit of bark.
Randell himself emerged from the incident with a fractured back.

What sometimes occurs, and I believe what's being described above, is that there is a perpendicular seam, right down the middle, between the two sides of the grating. It would be hard to design a more perfect obstacle to a bicycle tyre.

'Coffee' the miniature horse rescued after falling through cattle guard
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