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Re: [WT] Tour of California
« Reply #30 on: May 16, 2019, 05:48 »
Good morning, Europe.  :)

Stage 4 of the Amgen Tour of California

Did I get that right? I sometimes forget who the sponsor is. It’s not like the name is repeated every, single, time that Liggett, Roll, CVV, Jens, etc, mention the race itself. Sorry, but doing so provides little more than a pretentious and commercial sheen to this race, and always leaves me feeling like I need to wash my hands and face. We get it. It’s Amgen, and they sponsor this race: the Amgen Tour of California.

I can still remember when Vande Velde was participating in this event on the road, and how dutifully he would parrot the sponsor’s name at every chance, in every interview. A good company man, and clearly following orders from the PR department. It was painfully obvious that he was jockeying for the very position that he presently holds.

Again, we get it. Its overuse becomes part of the annoying fabric of a race that is mostly PR anyway (other two-letter references may be used at will). Even the text updates on the Tour Tracker are shamelessly copy/pasted from the tourism department. “On this stage, you can enjoy the magnificent vistas from such-and-such Tavern/Inn...” Yeah, if you happen to be staying there. So hurray for those two dozen people.

The funniest thing is that with all the paid-for-promo that the sponsor receives, and the countless times that their name is obediently repeated, nobody ever seems to mention exactly what it is that AMGEN does. Oh, the irony.
OK, rant over. I feel better. At least I can copy/paste that myself for all future editions of this race.

So then, on to the actual racing... :lol
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