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Re: [WT] Tour of California
« Reply #30 on: May 16, 2019, 06:12 »
Word from the booth was that it was a broken chain that caused Tejay to lose control of his bike. Which is absurd given that they were on the flats, and not even close to full power.

(Again, dipping into the memory banks) I distinctly remember an incident when David Millar was in argyle when he lost a stage after a day-long breakaway, due to a snapped (SRAM) chain. Along with that was Paul Sherwen’s amazement that such a thing could even happen—blaming it on the never-ending effort to shed grams from the bike and its parts—because in his day, it was “unheard of” (at least under normal racing conditions).
But I digress...

As a result of Tejay’s mishap, he was forced to ride teammate Lachlan Morton’s bike. By now the main field was going full gas to the line, so it was panic time for EF Education (who just got schooled on component choices). The team quickly assembled a rescue train for van Garderen, and took some very generous drafting opportunities from the four-wheeled assistance in front of them. (And, frankly, I’m a bit surprised they weren’t penalized for their liberal use of such.)

Moments later, as they approached a hard-right turn in the road, Morton’s poorly-fitting bike may have affected Tejay’s handling [update: Morton uses an opposing brake setup. Doh!] as his rear wheel almost slid out on a painted traffic arrow, causing van Garderen to completely miss the turn, and instead shoot straight ahead past it.
More panic!

Tejay had to scramble to regain contact with his teammates. From then on it was an EF  #ef TTT in an effort to close as much distance as they could to the charging, sprint-hungry peloton up ahead.

Almost 3k to go...and another crash! It’s mayhem on the road with Katusha riders on the pavement. This one causes more delays for both the EF rescue train, and 2nd place GC rider Gianni Moscon (INS).

Meanwhile up the road, the sprinters were winding themselves up, and Peter Sagan was going for another stage win. But Fabio Jakobsen  #deceuninck was up for the challenge and fulfilled expectations by edging-out Jasper Philipsen  #uae (2nd across the line) to take the win, with Sagan in 3rd.

All eyes now turned to the clock to see Tejay and Co. clambering across the line nearly a minute down. Would he lose his leader’s jersey????? Da da da dummmm...


At first it appeared that Kasper Asgreen (DQT) might assume Yellow, but half an hour after the finish it was announced that Tejay would, in fact, retain his leadership.


In addition, Sagan would take the Green, while Hoehn remained in Polka Dots. Hernandez earned Most Courageous Rider, while Tadej Pogascar (UAD) was best Young Rider.


And that, folks, is how the race was won...and nearly lost.  :P
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