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Re: 2019 Giro CQ game
« on: May 12, 2019, 09:59 »
Stage 1
The top 20 riders, omitting those that none of us chose:

ROGLIC Primoz   698 pts   11 teams
YATES Simon   480   4
NIBALI Vincenzo   365   43
DUMOULIN Tom   260   1
MAJKA Rafal   244   2
GEOGHEGAN HART Tao   200   3
DE PLUS Laurens   171   1
CARUSO Damiano   137   1
DE LA PARTE GONZALEZ Victor   112   2
JUNGELS Bob   104   4
CARAPAZ MONTENEGRO Richard Antonio   96   5
KANGERT Tanel   90   7
CICCONE Giulio   85   3
CARTHY Hugh   84   2
FORMOLO Davide   74   6

Quick explanation for anyone new to these games/reminder for the rest: Roglic got 70 points for winning the stage, and 18 for being awarded the pink jersey, that he cannot lose, even if he does not finish the race.  He also is credited with 500 for leading the GC, 70 for leading the points classification, and 40 for current second place in the KoM standings (Ciccone is leading that) 70+18+500+70+40 = 698.(No points for Youth rider standings: hard luck to those with Geoghegan Hart)  But if Roglic drops away in those classifications, he loses some of those projected points, negative points each day can happen.  When we get down to Bilbao in 11th, he has no stage (or  points or mountain standing), but 11th in GC gives 120 projected points, part of a sliding scale that goes down to 16 for 50th.  And every rider below 50th on GC still gets 15 points so, given that nobody chose Nishimura, everyone has at least 8x15=120 points.

The top ten teams, not surprisingly, are the ten who have Nibali and Roglic: those two alone are worth 1063 at present, enough to beat 11th.  So how the remaining 900 odd points were spent  determines placings, the most relevant back up riders in their team are given here:

1   Armchair_Cyclist   1278 (Kangert, Chaves, O'Connor)
2   Karaev   1236 (Chaves, Sivakov, O'Connor)
3   SafeBet   1220 (Chaves, O'Connor, Landa)
4   Nathanptz   1207 (O'Connor, Sivakov, Davies)
5   Mellow_Velo   1203 (Chaves, O'Connor)
6   BikeRacer33   1190 (Chaves)
7   Rote_Laterne   1187 (O'Connor, Landa, Plaza)
8   LosBrolin   1183 (O'Connor, Landa)
8   Shalgo   1183  (O'Connor, Landa)
10   Leadbelly   1174 (Landa, Plaza)

To which information, I can only say, "Come on Tanel"

Purplish Points
(because I'm not convinced that 'cyclamen' is used as a colour name in English, and although I'm no horticulturalist, the few pics I googled of that flower are not the colour of that jersey)

This is equivalent to the Green Jersey points in the Main and the Spring Classics games: the top ten scoring teams each day get points from 70 down to one.  Obviously on stage 1 the standings and the daily points are the same, so those ten teams above get the points, and for Los Brolin and Shalgo the points for 8th and 9th are averaged out between them.

Armchair_Cyclist   70
Karaev   40
SafeBet   25
Nathanptz   15
Mellow_Velo   10
BikeRacer33   7
Rote_Laterne   5
LosBrolin   2.5
Shalgo   2.5
Leadbelly   1
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