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Re: 2019 Giro CQ game
« on: May 12, 2019, 20:52 »
Carapaz   with Formolo,   Nibali,   Zakarin   and Landa:   Torcia86            
   with Formolo,   Nibali   and Landa:   Tobydawq               
   with Nibali,   Ewan   and Landa:   Scrool07               
   with Nibali,   Masnada   and Landa:   Scrool08               
   with Nibali alone:   Josedin                     

How many Scrools are playing?  ;)

Thanks for the quick updates even on weekends you are away. I should have read your opening post but do you do this year only the earned points plus projected points without rankings of  stage points and sum of earned points?
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