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Re: Stage 1: Bologna › San Luca
« on: May 12, 2019, 04:33 »
I've been bangin' the drum (as it were) for some time about Roglic's form on the bike, and in particular his TT position. It always looks, to me, like the perfect blend of Man and Machine. Something about his physical geometry always reminds of Vinokourov—another rider who I thought fit his bike perfectly.

Primoz was primo yet again today, and obviously put a very strong stamp on the race right out of the gate—literally. As soon as he hit the climb, his unyielding cadence said it all, really. And it makes one wonder just what the likes of Doumolin and others are thinking by staying tucked into their aero position on such an aggressive hill.

I mean, what do I know, but it just seems that at some point, power and leverage would certainly have to take precedence over pure, mathematical aerodynamics.

Get out of the saddle, for cryin' out loud!!!  :D

When Roglic grabbed those bullhorns and stomped the pedals up that climb, he seemed in a league all his own. And, as it turned out, he was.

The big question now—it goes without saying—is how long can he hold that form?

But that's why we watch, isn't it?  :)
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