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Stage 9: Riccione - San Marino 34.7 km ITT
« on: May 19, 2019, 11:26 »
  Looks like nobody has claimed this stage, so I'll fill in, but the pay off is that I'm going to claim stages 14 and 16 too.
No doubt it will happen again seeing what is being dished up early next week.

Stage 9: Riccione - San Marino 34.7 km ITT

Sunday, May 19th



The 9th stage of the Giro d'Italia is an individual time trial of 34.8 kilometres. Following the start in Riccione - on the Adriatic coast - the route is flat in the first half before two climbs are emblematic for the last 12 kilometres. The finish is in micro-state San Marino.

The first 4 kilometres run along the coast and are as flat as can be. The course then turns inland and becomes a very gentle false flat. At kilometre 19.7 the riders enter San Marino and the road starts to point uphill at kilometre 22.6. A climb of 5.4 kilometres slopes at an average gradient of 6.7% before a rolling section leads to the final uphill.

The last 2.2 kilometres to the line rise at 6.4%, while this section also includes a kick up of 500 metres at 9.4%.

The finish line (5 m in width) sits on a 300 m long tarmacked home straight (slightly downhill over the last 50 m).

So, with the rest day to follow, and in the absence of any mountains, it's down to the second ITT to deliver the GC....


Favourites 9th stage 2019 Giro d’Italia
:*:*:* Primoz Roglic
:*:* Simon Yates, Vincenzo Nibali, Miguel Ángel López
:* Ion Izagirre, Bob Jungels, Bauke Mollema, Víctor de la Parte

Finally, the starting order for this ITT.

Most important start times:
13.19 – Victor Campenaerts
14.32 – Ion Izagirre
15.02 – Tao Geoghegan Hart
15.13 – Bob Jungels
15.16 – Bauke Mollema
15.22 – Rafal Majka
15.25 – Miguel Ángel López
15.28 – Vincenzo Nibali
15.31 – Simon Yates
15.37 – Davide Formolo
15.40 – Primoz Roglic
15.43 – Pello Bilbao
15.46 – Sam Oomen
15.49 – Andrey Amador
16.13 – Valerio Conti
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     The official site gave today's ITT as a 4 star rating, but it had a 5 star impact on the GC.
    One thing is now certain: having not even sniffed a proper mountain, as yet, in this Giro, the time gaps created mean that they will be raced differently.

    All of which means we have a virtual GC that looks like this:

    Nibali +1:44
    Mollema +1:55
    Jungels +2:18
    Formolo +2:52
    Majka +2:53
    Carapaz +3:16
    Zakarin +3:32
    Yates +3:46
    Kangert +4:01
    Sivakov +4:11
    Lopez +4:29
    Chaves +4:30
    Landa +4:52

    Not sure if traveling man Search will be around with his usual splits, but if somebody should happen upon the respective climbing times......
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    Not sure if traveling man Search will be around with his usual splits, but if somebody should happen upon the respective climbing times......

    I'm back homw now, but still have to catch up with some other stuff.

    Velofacts has them though:
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    The way it unfolded, #lotto Campanearts as expected set an early lead time, but he did not look happy after crossing the finish line. He finished the race on his road bike, something was wrong, and after some tv-production fumbling it finally became apparent that it was a technical cause: dropped chain (possibly Campanaerts' own mistake), bad bike change and an even worse accelration after the bike change. Campanearts explained it would be very bitter if this is what would cause him to loose the stage.

    - and it did: close to the other end of the starting list, the flying slovenian #jumbo Primoz Roglic, experiencing more difficult road condition at the start (due to rain) wasn't more than 33 seconds behind Campa on the first intermediate, but 50 secs behind on the second intermediate. That's when the road started going up hill into San Marino, and the conditions from this point on was comparable for the early starters and the best GC riders (the last few starters including #rosa  experienced a torrential downpour and even fog on the final climb, but that did not really start until after Rogla had finished.)

    The stage profile favored the Slovenian more than the Belgian bullet, again resembling the Bergen Worlds ITT with the flat start and a harder climb towards the finish. On this terrain, Roglic was only beaten by Tom Dumoulin back then - but Rogla has actually improved since then, and we will never know what results would look like if the Dumoulin was still in the race.

    You can't win the giro in a time trial in the first half, but maybe #mitchelton Simon Yates, #movistar Mikel Landa and #astana Miguel Angel Lopez lost it today? Both lost more than 3 minutes today, and they will start on the mountain stages some 3-5 minutes behind Roglic. AND there's a time trial in Verona to conclude the race with. They will need at least one minute on Roglic if his legs are still with him, so they need to find some 4-6 minutes somewhere to turn this race around. That probably means they need Roglic to crack like Yates or Pinot did last year, not just for Rogla to have a bad day but for the Slovenian to take a Planica sized dive and crumble to dust.

    I haven't read to many comments about why and what happened yet but if someone can fill in with comments on Yates' poor performance it is greatly appreciated. He actually won a time trial on WT level earlier this year and was quite good in the first stage of the Giro. What has happened here?

    Pre-race GC captains favorites now:
    GC Pos Name  Team Time diff GC captains
    2Primoz Roglic #jumbo 00:00:00
    11Vincenzo Nibali #bahrain 01:44:00
    12Bauke Mollema #trek 01:55:00
    14Bob Jungels #quickstep 02:18:00
    18Rafal Majka #bora 02:53:00
    20Richard Carapaz #movistar 03:16:00
    22Ilnur Zakarin #katusha 03:32:00
    24Simon Yates #mitchelton 03:46:00
    27Miguel Angel Lopez #astana 04:29:00

    Some have a lot of work on their hands!

    EDIT  MV...could have saved me some work there  :angry  :)
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    Let's hope Yates feels like going crazy in the mountains could be fun with him and Nibali going on long attacks
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  • Of course, if this turns out someday to be the industry standard integrated handlebar-computer-braking solution then I'll eat my kevlar-reinforced aerodynamic hat.

    Larri Nov 12, 2014

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    Stage 9 Highlights

    I don't really feel that the above clip captured the day all that well, but I just wanted to continue the series.
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