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Mens' transfers and Rumors 2020-21
« on: May 22, 2019, 09:11 »
It is pretty early to start this thread, yes. But there's already a transfer for 2021 announced:

Andreas Leknessund #unox --> #sunweb
I presume that this means he will stay with #unox for 2020.

Some background:
Raised in Tromsø, Leknessund was a.o. *no & *eu junior ITT champion in 2017, and was the only one close to EBH at the 2018 *no ITT champs, only losing out on the elite title by 7". Several good results in U23 Nations Cup in 2018, and in 2019 a.o. runner-up at the Circuit des Ardennes, only 7" behind later Yorkshire stage winner Alexander Kamp.

Here's a look at the legal stuff:
Going strictly by the UCI rules, this transfer was announced 14 months and 10 days before the earliest possible date (1 August 2020).
In the real world, maybe that rule should simply be struck off the rulebook. :S

And should #unox get their ProConti licence for 2020 (which I don't see not happening), he will have to sign a neo-pro contract with them (which is required to be for minimum two years, so 2020 & 2021) while he already has signed a neo-pro contract with #sunweb from 2021 onwards.
So the #unox contract would have to include a clause that it becomes null and void for the second year if the rider signs with a WT team - a clause that then comes into force the very moment the contract is signed. I'm happy I'm not the lawyer who has to figure out how to do that properly! :-x
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    Re: Mens' transfers and Rumors 2020-21
    « Reply #1 on: May 23, 2019, 06:58 »
    This is not very surprising, except for the fact that the strong link established between Foss and #jumbo seems to have forced the hand of other that want to pick the best pieces from the #unox cake early.  Both Leknessund and Foss have some aspirations in the direction that no Norwegian rider has been heading for many long years, up mountains and into the GC of major tours. However, that´s clearly not a given result, much will depend on the continued development in the years to come. There must be  tens of riders in their age class every year around the globe with similar hopes - hopes linked with some degree of realism - and most will not even come close to winning a grand tour  - that doesn´t make it worthless to try, hopefully they will have fun :)

    It will be interesting to see if it´s Jumbo-Visma or Sunweb that is more successful in bringing these talents forward. So far, I think one of the strengths of #unox is that they have had both. Two quite similar riders in terms of ambition and talent can create a very positive collaboration and competition. I hope they can support each other better than Kristoff and EBH in the future....more like a cycling equivalent of Svindal and Jansrud :)

    Foss announcement to follow? (I believe they have different agents, this deal is one of Pinotti´s first so that may explain the unusual long term framme for it)
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