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I thought I had written a thread on safety issues before, but it's been a while and I can't find all of it, so I figured we might as well put everything into a new thread from now on.

I will let #ag2r Oliver Naesen and #wallonie Justin Jules introduce one of the simplest problems to do something about - The inverted Y barriers often seen everywhere along the course. They are dangerous, because it is possible to hit the inverted Y-leg with the wheel while still cycling inside the fence, especially for a wobbling sprinter. This is how not to put up fences, and Justin Jules will do a little deomstration here to show the consequences of such neglect.

Here's the correct way to do it (I did write about this for the 2017 worlds, where they did it right. ) Use at least some L-barriers

I was downtown last night, and I have to revise my impression a little: previously I have been reporting from locations outside the city centre, in these locations there are only inverted-Y barriers, and literally, there are miles of them. However, yesterday I got to see the finish and the last 500 meters (possibly more) there are actually L-barriers all the way. A quite good prioritization of the resources I'll say.  :cool

(This is the final 150 meters, from the Bybanen tracks to the finish line).
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