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I had never even heard of the Atomium until search's Stage One preview.  :P

Should make for some entertaining camera work though.

Interesting looking route. I hope no significant gaps are formed in the GC though. Having a TTT at such an early stage is risky because it can affect the composition of the race without offering a true test between individuals.

I'll save my annual rant against TT bikes, and how I desperately wish the teams were required to use road bikes instead...

Actually, it's too late. I've already started!
I just don't see the point of forcing riders onto machines that they train so little on. If TTT bikes are faster than road bikes, then what is the point if everyone is using them? It's not good for the sport when the inevitable mishaps cause the top riders in the world to look like rank amateurs. Veering off turns, crashing with no obstacles in sight, taking down their own teammates—most of the more visible and circus-like disasters wouldn't be occurring with road bikes.

Let them shine, let them be at their best...let them stay upright!  :D

I'd like to see less of this...

and more of this.

Is it too much to ask for?
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