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Re: TdF 2019 General Discussion
« on: June 27, 2019, 12:22 »
I haven't seen people talking about...

The heat wave!  :o

Isn't this likely to have as much effect on the race as failed electronic shifting and Instagram-worthy disc-brake injuries?

A 'screaming' weather map basically captures France's extreme heat

(CNN)France is in the sweaty grasp of a hot weather phenomenon known as la canicule -- and forecasters are running out of ways to describe both its immediate danger and ominous long-term significance.

Last week, meteorologist Ruben Hallali found an apt metaphor in this image: a weather forecast model for Thursday, June 27, whose patterns of temperatures across France just happened to create the image of a screaming skull.

Global warming is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of dangerous canicules in the future, warns Météo-France. Extreme heat has killed before in Europe, and in 2003 scarred the whole of France with the deaths of more than 14,000 mostly elderly people.

"Canicule" itself, derived from the Latin word for dog, is a term loaded with foreboding. Just like Italy's canicola and the US and UK's "dog days of summer," the term refers to the time of year when the star Sirius, also known as the "dog star" or Orion's Hound, rises with the sun -- a period that the ancients associated with both heat and chaos on Earth.

In the Iliad, Homer describes "the star which men call Orion's Hound" as the brightest of all -- and yet one which "bodes ill for mortals, for he brings fire and fever in his train."

Memories of 2006.  :onfire1 :onfire1 :onfire1 :onfire1

Has it been this hot for the Tour since then?

Who will wither?  :high

Who will win?  :lll
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