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Re: TdF 2019 General Discussion
« on: July 09, 2019, 21:50 »
IMHO in a tour that celebrate Eddie Merckx (or the one that glorifies Pantani for that matter) Armstrong as a commentary sort of adds to the everybody dopes and that's ok impression. It takes time to replace old heroes with * in all lists with hopefully new ones that can be cheered with less restraints and no *. One thing is among the devoted cycling fans, the ones that could actually nod approvingly to seeing Phil Gaimon as that expert commentary instead of Armstrong. Gaimon is entertaining to read/listen to and he also knows a lot about cycling, so we would approve- but he isn't the kind of celebrity the US broadcasting networks like to see in that role. Someone widely recognized also outside the sport of cycling, for the occasional tv sports watcher. It's kind of painful but the only name I can think of the same calibre would be Lemond .. and then maybe this guy, if you could get him to talk. He's got the name but he doesn't seem to be the kind of guy that can lighten up a boring day in the TdF (his former team mate on 7-11 Dag Otto Lauritzen could teach him some tricks..)   
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